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Nutrition and Probiotics for Autism

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Ursula  DobelmannUrsula Dobelmann
Burnsville, North Carolina | 2012-05-01
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CEASE Therapy - Homeopathic clearing of toxic influences

CEASE Therapy was developed by Dr. Tinus Smits of Holland and has been taught to qualified homeopaths in international certification seminars.

We believe that Autism is caused by an accumulation of stress factors in the cerebral cortex.  he increas in the rate of Autism has steadily grown to being an epidemic. The changes we have seen in our food supply, water quality, the extreme increase in number of vaccination and the liberal use of anit-biotics have all contributed.

CEASE Therapy consists of systematic detoxification by identifying and eliminating causative factors such as, medication, vacination, residual effects of illness.
The CEASE detoxification process uses 3 types of homeopathic and isotherapy remedies:  detox remedies, daily support remedies, and emotional or constitutional remedies. All 3 are used as needed in combination to achieve a pattern of balance in your child.

The addition of very few nutritional supplements such as Vitamin C, Zinc and Fish Oil are an essential part of therapy and supports the healing process.

Research of dietary restrictions has shown beneficial results in autistic children. CEASE Therapy includes minimal and simple dietary changes because most parents are already overwhelmed by the challenges they are facing with an autistic child.
Excellent results can be achieved with simple dietary changes. We suggest the use of organic fresh foods, without sugar or additives, while maintaining your child’s normal diet as best as possible. Insatiable appetite or lack of appetite, sugar cravings and other digestive problems common in autistic children are addressed with homeopathic remedies.
As the child becomes healthier, the integrity of the intestines is restored. As a result food cravings and digestive issues tend to improve naturally.

 “ with its safety, ease of use, and individualization, I hope many thousands more patients get the chance to experience first hand what so many patients working with Dr. Smits have seen: the full realization of who their child was meant to be”
J.B. Handley, Co-Founder Generation Rescue

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