Chiropractic for Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome

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Waltham, Massachusetts | 2012-09-07
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Alphabiotics changed my life

After abiding months of my menopause Clark intervened and took me to see Dr. Smookler for my first Alphabiotic Alignment. We were both amazed that the first session restored me to my pre-menopausal patient, happy self. The process eliminates the stress response instantly - with sometimes dramatic effect.

Clark had himself already had several sessions. Alphabiotics saved his life from his own peculiar challenge. Later, he decided to travel to Dallas to go through the training, and is now a board certified Developmental Alphabioticist, as well.

Under his care, I have improved further, being rid of a litany of health complaints. I had suffered a horrible case of psoriasis. I was destroying much clothing from itching, wearing holes in my jeans, underwear and dresses. It was my companion for years, and responded to none of the myriad natural remedies I tried. In just a few months of alignments it vanished for good. Time and space does not permit me to list all the ways Alphabiotics has served me, but here are few areas: migraine headaches, stiff/painful neck, menopausal symptoms, fatigue, anxiety/depression and back/muscle pain.

After beginning sessions with Clark I had no less than three friends in the space of two weeks comment to me that I was either 'glowing' or 'radiant'. Since nothing ages you like stress, Alphabiotics may be considered an anti-aging modality par excellence. Because it is so effective and works so quickly, Alphabiotics has become my favorite complementary modality. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT. - Janice.

For further, reliable information, please visit the official Alphabiotic website at:

Other health conditions treated: Back Pain , Hot Flashes , Psoriasis

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Rosalie  CryanRosalie Cryan
Quincy, Massachusetts | 2011-11-17
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Reflexology for MS symptom Relief.

MS is a central nervous system and auto-imune system disease.  Reflexology addresses all body systems while only exposing the feet and hands.  Spasms and pain and the accompaning fatigue of MS are relieved by thumb and finger teniques to specific reflexes on the feet.  The result is deep relaation that lasts long after the session.

Practitioners: Rosalie Cryan

Other treatments used: Reflexology , Reflexology , Craniosacral Therapy Session

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