Buteyko Breathing Method

Buteyko Breathing Method for Asthma

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Hadas  Golan, MS/CCC-SLPHadas Golan, MS/CCC-SLP
Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts | 2012-01-22
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The Buteyko breathing method for asthma

Practicing the Buteyko techniques improved my asthma control naturally without bronchodilators. The severity of the symptoms has decreased and after a few weeks of dedicated practice disappeared completely. I am asthma free for 6 years now after long life severe asthma since childhood. Since the whole body's chemistry is regulated by respiration, changing the breathing has positively affected many other things I had that I never thought were related to my breathing, like allergies, headaches, sleep, eczemas and more. Absolutely life changing- it is safe and very effective.

Other treatments used: Dairy Free

Other health conditions treated: Allergies

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