Bowenwork for Asthma

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Wendy  Seiler, LMTWendy Seiler, LMT
Columbia, Maryland | 2012-07-20
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I am a hair sylist. I had heel and arch pain. Ater 2 treatments of Bowenwork with Wendy, I feel great. My foot and heel pain are gone.

I was so relaxed that I could have gone to sleep.  It did nor=t hurt at all.  She told me not to do any self massage after the treatment.  The first day it still hurt. The next night my foot was throbbing and buzzing like crazy, I kept hearing Wendy say don't rub it.  The next morning the heel pain was gone.

Practitioners: Wendy Seiler, LMT

Other treatments used: Bowen Work Therapy

Other health conditions treated: Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome

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