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Ayurvedic Herbs for Asthma

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John  Douillard, DCJohn Douillard, DC
Boulder, Colorado | 2010-12-01
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Ayurvedic Herbs to treat Asthma


The cause of asthma is still unknown in Western medicine, however we do know it is aggravated by stress. In Ayurvedic medicine we look at the impact of stress on the respiratory system as well as the constitution of the individual. This means that certain body types will be more susceptible to asthma than others. Stress creates tension, tension compromises blood supply, and if environmental dryness, pollutants, irritants, and toxins are prevalent, undernourished and dry mucous membranes will become irritated. Excessive mucus production as a result of irritated mucous membranes can block bronchials and restrict deep lower lobe respiration.

When treating asthma it is important to combine specific breathing exercises that have been proven effective and are in my books Body, Mind and Sport and The 3 Season Diet, along with specific herbs that will heal and soothe the irritated mucous membranes and remove the excess mucus. Asthma is very often caused by hypersensitivity or allergic response. Natural treatment for asthma consists of Ayurveda herbal formulas, diet, and lifestyle treatments. See Allergies in the Library.

Two herbal products that might be helpful (please work with an ayurvdedic practitioner to determine the right herbs for you):




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