Chiropractic for Musculoskeletal Pain

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Carol  StuhmerCarol Stuhmer
Miami, Florida | 2012-06-29
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Therapeutic Value of Cranio Sacral Therapy - Relieve deep seated pain syndrome

The first session I received in CST was quite dynamic.  I never expected, in fact didn't think I'd ever get relief from the pain and numbness in my leg and back that persisted for many years.  It began 20+ years following multiple fractures sustained in an auto accident as an 18 yr old (leg, arm, elbow, jaw), followed 10 years later by a fractured collar bone.  The numbness was so severe I got a deep cut on the bottom of my foot, and didn't feel a thing,  I didn't know until I saw bloody foot steps on the floor. I found it difficult to sit for any length of time, as well being on my feet was an issue.

I was one year into my new Massage Career.  I found the results amazing.  After this session, i had no pain for over 8 weeks, and had substantially more feeling in my leg most of that time.  It was only the beginning.  I was so excited by this very gentle work which felt so subtle, but gave me so much relief, that I began taking Seminars with the Upledger Institute.  That was in 1979....the rest is history.  You can find a Cranio Sacral Therapist near you at  the site give you a list of classes and other accreditations with the Institute. 

If you haven't tired this yet, you owe it to yourself.  Enjoy your exploration...I sure did and I've never looked back.  I've received many other methods of massage,   each has its benefits....CST remains at the top of my list.  The beautiful part of it all is that I've had the opportunity to help so many clients with this gentle and strongly effective modality.


Other treatments used: Rolfing Session , Acupuncture , Shiatsu

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