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Easy online appointment booking and scheduling

  • Consumers can book at their convenience
  • Your calendar is accessible from your profile page, your website or your blog
  • Private and group appointments
  • Easy to manage one calendar - or multiple calendars

Collaborate with Patients, Clients and Colleagues

  • Manage your patients and clients, your schedule, and your notes - from any web browser
  • Send reminders and to-do's to your patients and clients
  • Create and receive referrals from doctors and practitioners in the MINDBODY Exchange network
  • Lead generation campaigns run by MINDBODY Exchange

Notes that everyone can use

  • Patients and clients can view your notes, add to them, and share them with other practitioners
  • Your patient or client as an active participant in his or her health program
  • Understand and track your treatment plans and patient/client history
  • Easy to access, sort and manage
  • Private and secure

Reports at your fingertips

  • Most popular treatments
  • Best sources of referrals
  • Most popular booking times
  • Sort information in your account by patient or client conditions, treatments, and booked appointments

Optional Credit Card Processing with

  • Drive revenue, confirm appointments
  • Our credit card processing module seamlessly connects MINDBODY Exchange Tools Calendar with your merchant account
  • If you require payment when scheduling a session, you will want to use our credit card processing module
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