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Integrative Nutrition® Health Coach (IIN)

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Integrative Nutrition® Health Coach (IIN)

Historical Overview

The Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) was founded 20 years ago by Joshua Rosenthal. Created after Rosenthal realized that a single health coaching methodology could not help all of his clients, he created a certification program following two philosophies – primary and secondary food and bio-individuality. The program is based on the idea that someone’s lifestyle has a larger impact on someone’s health than the foods that they eat – terming them primary and secondary foods, respectively. Based on this notion, he also coined a term “bio-individuality” which means that each person is unique and has different nutritional needs. Integrative Nutrition® Health Coaches are taught to practice this approach when working with their clients.

Treatment Method

An Integrative Nutrition® Health Coach can practice out of a healthcare clinic or in their own private practice. Sessions can be held in person or virtually, over the phone or Skype. A session with an Integrative Nutrition® Health Coach is most successful when the client is engaged and committed to making the change.

The standard client program by an Integrative Nutrition® Health Coach is a six month certification program with two sessions each month. Goals are jointly established in the first session and the coach and client work towards them together with each session. Coaches will offer other services including single sessions, three month programs and kitchen makeovers.

Provider’s Training

In 2010, the Integrative Nutrition® Health Coach program became a year-long distance learning program with students from around the world. The curriculum is developed to give students exposure to over 100 theories around health and food as well as coaching techniques. Teachers include Andrew Weil, Walter Willet, Joel Fuhrman, David Katz, and Bernie Segel.

Each student also has a mentor who supports the student throughout their program. Self-development is a component of the program and is encouraged to help the student develop into a better coach.

Credentials and Regulation Bodies

Currently, there are no regulations for health coaching. Integrative Nutrition® Health Coaches complete the professional training certification program with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Before working with a coach, clients should ask the potential coach their background and experience to understand if the coach can help them.

Professional Associations

Integrative Nutrition® Health Coaches are part of the IIN alumni network. As a part of that network, they receive online and in person opportunities to engage in post-program training to refresh their knowledge and skills. Conferences are held throughout the year to facilitate continual learning.


The standard program with an Integrative Nutrition® Health Coach is two meetings a month for 6 months. They may also other programs that last from a single session to a year. An hourly rate ranges from $75 to $100.

Find an Integrative Nutrition® Health Coach (IIN) practitioner in your area »